57. Particulars and information  to be mentioned in a delivery challan.

(1) A delivery challan for transfer of goods other than by way of sale , shall be issued from duly bound book ,except when the challans are prepared on computer or any other electronic or mechanical device. It shall be atleast in triplicate. The first copy shall be for purchaser or consignee. The second copy shall be for the transporter. The last copy shall be retained by the consignor. The serial number shall be printed by a mechanical process.
(2) A delivery challan shall contain the following particulars :-
     (a) the words, “Delivery Challan” shall be prominently printed on the document.
     (b) serial number of Form VAT-36 in case of interstate transaction.
     (c) date of transfer of goods.
     (d) name, address and registration number of the consignee.
     (e) description of goods, weight, quantity, estimated price per unit and total estimated value of goods.
     (f) mode of transportation of goods and details thereof.
     (g) signature of the Consignor.