54. Particulars to be mentioned in a VAT invoice 

(1) A VAT invoice,  shall  be issued from duly bound invoice or cash memo book,  except when invoices are prepared on computer or any other electronic or mechanical device. It shall be at least in triplicate i.e. Original Copy, second copy and the last copy. The respective copies of the invoice shall bear these words clearly.  

(2) On the original copy of the VAT invoice, the words “Input Tax Credit is available to a person against this copy” shall be printed and it will be issued to the purchaser only. On the second copy, the words “ This copy does not entitle the holder to claim Input Tax Credit” shall be  printed and this copy shall be used for the purpose of transportation of goods. The last copy shall be retained by the seller.  

(3) The words ‘VAT Invoice’ shall be prominently printed on the invoice.
(4) A VAT invoice shall contain, the following details:-
    (a) a consecutive serial number printed by a mechanical or electronic process. In case of a computer generated invoice, the serial number may be generated and printed by computer, only if , the software automatically generates the number and the Same number cannot be generated more than once;
    (b) the date of issue;
    (c) the name, address and registration number of the selling person;
    (d) the name, address and registration number of the purchaser;
    (e) full description of the goods;
    (f)  the quantity of the goods;
    (g) the value of the goods per unit;
    (h) the rate and amount of tax charged in respect of taxable goods;
    (i)  the total value;
    (j)  Ii the goods are being sold, transferred or consigned to a place outside the State, serial number of Form VAT-36;
    (k) mode of transportation of goods and details thereof; and
    (l)  signatures of the proprietor or partner or director or his authorized agent.
(m) In case of sale of iron and steel goods as enumerated in clause IV od section 14 of the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 except Wheels, tyres, axles, wheel sets, the following certificate shall be printed on the backside of the VAT invoice:-
(To be printed on the backside of the invoice)
Certified that in case of goods covered under this invoice:
  First importer/ manufacture First stage taxable person Second stage taxable person
  (1) (2) (3)
Name of the taxable person      
Weight (in M.T.)      
Invoice No.      
Tax Liability    


Note: 1. The First stage taxable person shall fill ciloumns, 1 and 2, the second stage taxable person shall fill columns 1, 2 and 3.
2. Admissibility of ITC is subject to furnishing of correct information.